Ronnie Thrasher

Level 4/Owner / Hotheads Extension certified

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Tod McClelland

Level 5/Owner/Master Artist

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Bryant Mathis

Level 3/Color Specialist/Aveda Ambassador/FHI Brands Ambassador and Neobond Specialist /

Donna Bella I-link and flat-tip extension certified

Bryant Mathis is known for his passion of the ever-evolving world of hair and more importantly his passion for guests.  It is easy to see that he follows his personal motto to inspire, create and change daily.  His truest need is to inspire someone every day and to make a positive impact on their life.  He loves to create looks that promote healthy and vibrant hair.  Bryant understands the complex relationship most people have with thier hair and he is earnest about creating a personal style unique to each guest that makes them feel confident and beautiful, inside and out.

Bryant's motivation is apparent and he is always on the cutting edge of changing styles and methods, while still keeping the guest's needs at the forefront.  His commitment to furthering his education is clear and it inspires him to share his knowledge with those around him.

Bryant is changing the world, one smile and a simple curl at a time.


Heather Naylor

Level 1

Mother of a twin boy and girl. Paul Mitchell Graduate 2016.

Sydney Dowdell

New Artist 3 / 

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Amber Kidwell

Level 2 / 

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